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Responsible investment

The aim of Polyhedron’s investments is to ensure responsible and long-term partnerships in companies in strategic sectors for a sustainable future, with corporate management based on transparency and integrity.

Because a company’s activities impact on their environment and society, we take into consideration environmental, social and governance issues before making an investment.

Among a number of strategic sectors, which we consider suitable for investment, the following stand out:

  • Business services

  • Virtual assets

  • Media

  • Green energy

  • Co-operation and development.


Moreover, our investment focuses on companies that provide the following portfolio of services:

  • Management consulting

  • Evaluations and rating

  • Talent

  • Research & Development & Innovation.


How companies manage transition and physical risks and opportunities triggered by climate change will be a long-term value driver. Relevant climate change risks and opportunities must be integrated into company strategy, risk management, monitoring and reporting.


Companies have a responsibility to respect human rights, including in supply chains and other business relationships such as community and stakeholder iterations. Companies should integrate human rights into policies and strategy​, conduct ongoing human rights due diligence and incorporate these issues in risk management, monitoring and reporting.


Board accountability and transparency build trust with stakeholders and create long-term value for shareholders. Companies should operate in a transparent way to safeguard their activities, disclosing key points of information, including their business goals, history, performance and operations. Similarly, they should be accountable and use trusted channels of communication and consultation to engage effectively with stakeholders.


Corruption weakens economic efficiency, exposing companies to legal and financial risk, and is still a serious challenge for companies all over the world and across all industries. Preventing corruption is a vital component of corporate responsibility and so companies are expected to identify and manage corruption risk, and to report publicly on their anti-corruption efforts.

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